Air Toons

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The epic air combat game Air Toons Air Toons, like Air Wars, offers a thrilling airplane warfare game with capture-the-flag gameplay. To gain the upper hand, pilot your plane well and outmaneuver your opponents.

This game does not have Porky Pig or other looney tunes, but it does feature US Air Force planes. Users must enter the cockpit and fly through the skies. Once in the cockpit, users must engage in lethal dogfights and battle for air control.

Users can either create an account or play as a guest. Users can then join one of the many game servers accessible after creating an account. Look locate a game with other players and join it.

To control the plane left and right, use the A and D keys. Control the plane's aim and weaponry by using the mouse and mouse buttons. The idea is to maintain the plane level while targeting your armaments at other planes in dogfights. Also, keep an eye out for incoming missiles and fire, as your jet can only absorb so much damage.

The visuals in this Air Toons game are fantastic. As you soar through the sky and gaze around at the 3D scene, you really feel engaged in the game. Users can change the aircraft stats at the start of each game. Boost several metrics including speed, shield, and turbo. These stats have an impact on how your aircraft performs.

Check out this Air Toons game and see if you can dominate the skies while playing capture the flag.

August 2019 release date
Martian Games created this game as well as Met Rage, an excellent 3D multiplayer FPS game.
Controls for the platform's web browser
W = Boost speed AD = Steer
Right mouse button = Aim, left mouse button = Shoot
Cockpit perspective
M = Toggle audio on/off = Men in-game


Using Mouse

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