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About BitLife

BitLife is a popular life simulation game where you get to experience and shape a character's life journey. It's like guiding a person through their entire life, from being a baby to growing old. Especially, the game is made by Candywriter, and it's quite addictive to play.

How to Play BitLife


  • When you start playing BitLife, you begin as a baby and go through different life stages like childhood, teenage years, adulthood, and eventually, old age.
  • At each stage, you make choices that affect your character's life—choices about education, career, relationships, and more. These decisions impact your character's happiness and how their life turns out.

To Control the Game

Playing BitLife is mainly about making choices. You simply tap on the options you want to choose at different points in the game to decide what your character does.

Tips to success BitLife

Financial Management:
Keep an eye on your finances and make wise investments. Saving money, purchasing assets, and managing your expenses well can lead to financial stability and prosperity.

Health and Fitness:
Take care of your character's health by scheduling regular visits to the doctor, exercising, and maintaining a healthy diet. A healthy character is more likely to live a longer, fulfilling life.

Balanced Lifestyle:
Balance work, relationships, and personal activities. Avoid overworking or neglecting important relationships. Prioritize self-care and leisure activities to maintain a healthy and happy life.

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