Dino Park

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This is a game about dinosaurs. Or at least it was, until construction of a new theme park forced the government to shut it down and demolish the existing park.A group of teenagers,led by the iconic John Hammond,resolved to reopen Dino Park and make the city of Calgary proud again. But first they had to conquer their fears,face their insecurities,and find their inner strength. Their journey would take them through a series of difficult challenges,filled with obstacles both physical and psychological. If these teenagers could do it, so can

Dino games are my favorite type of games to play. There’s something about playing dinosaurs vs. other dinosaurs that makes me want to play non-stop. The dino theme is everywhere right now, and it’s not just limited to the worlds of video games or movies. There’s a new dinosaur theme park coming up in London called Dino Park, and it’s got a brand new game (called Dino Fight!) based on the theme. Let’s take a look at how this all ties into managing your own dinosaur amusement

Dino Park is a real time strategy game that uses the combination of mouse and users play against a friend on the same computer using the Remote Mouse is not as complicated as it seems,just like playing in real life you need to think strategically and plan must build your base,stock your food store and produce the most dino's so that you can fight other players online or play against friends


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