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In Aquapark you have to assist the squirrels maintain the pandas in the park by damaging every evil red round you see. Each time a panda goes out of the park you need to damage 3 red balls in order to obtain it back. Drift your ship around the aquapark however stay clear of striking various other gamers. Rank up by striking other gamers and preventing them yourself. Wandering is a brand-new multiplayer video game from 3dio where you play a cube, in an aquapark filled up with challenges and puzzles. Your purpose is to win races and get even more points than various other players. To do so, you should avoid challenges, collect bonus offers as well as maintain wandering as long as possible.. Wandering is a Multiplayer 3D video game where you manage a round as well as attempt to stay clear of various other players or the wall surfaces. You place up and unlock skins by staying clear of the others. You can additionally purchase the skins if you want - with symbols. .


Using Mouse

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