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A dynamic world of monsters, craftsmen and warriors. Build your base, craft and upgrade your army to dominate in this multiplayer online battle arena

Dynastio is a multiplayer building and monster game where you build your own DYNASTIO. Home base, Castle, Town, City. Move your monsters to the next level and destroy the enemy’s monster infestation. The world is in chaos, the Dark Lord has unleashed his minions on all of Aurumia. Build your Dungeon to safeguard your precious HEART- PENDING MONSTERS and gain access to special power-ups. Dynastio is a thrilling RPG where you create and manage unique monsters from different Dungeons and fight against other players online! In this game, every action has an effect on the gameplay, character development, crafting system and

Welcome to Dynastio, the MOBA that brings you the deepest and most immersive MOBAs on the planet. Fight it out in a vast open world or team up with friends in a persistent online multiplayer world against other players or AI-controlled teams. A dynamic realtime combat engine gives every player a chance to shine, no matter how good you are at defense or attack, and no two games are ever the same again. Get into battle right now with your favorite MOBA game or go back to basics with our starter pack of the most basic mechanics so you can get


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