Fantasy Idle Tycoon

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Fantasy Idle Tycoon is a time-warping clicker game where you run an idle business by clicking on virtual objects in a 3D world. Your goal is to increase your company's revenue and level up so that one day you can become the king of idle business! This amazing game is an incremental game with online play and real time bidding. You can play alone, or compete with friends in real time on the same computer. The gameplay is easy to understand, but there are many opportunities for profitable investments and amazing upgrades that build your empire one minilite at a

In the world of idle game development you have only two choices: work for a company and do something you'd rather not, or create your own business. This one is an idle game that caters to those who like to create their own tycoon games. You can play as either a producer or consumer in this economy. It's a small but thriving industry - it's called the This one industry. Visit for more information on this idle business simulator fantasy idle tycoon clicker incremental fantasy idle


Using Mouse

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