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The game has been developed in famous Unity 3D game of Tanks is a multiplayer online first-person tank shooter which is set in the middle of the World War 2. Players can play alone against AI or with other players. The story starts when Germany and its allies invaded Poland and France to destroy the western front coalition forces. In this war, the German armored corps are equipped with the best tanks available at that time including PzKpfw V and VI models, Tiger I, Panther II and many others. As the war went on, new generations of tanks were developed including Sherman Firefly, Cromwell, Leclerc and many more. The Allies have also upgraded their vehicles and have created new designs as well as improved existing ones using new technology such as torsion bar suspension instead of vertical spring

The game is developed with Unity Engine and the game looks fantastic. The character is 3D and the world has great visual details. Tanks are also very well made, their details are perfect and there’s a good variety of them. You can use both human controlled tanks and tank-based robots in this game. The gameplay is fun and easy to get used to. It will take you around 30 minutes to learn how the controls work on your first try, so it should not be too hard for anyone to get into it. If you have some free time, do spend at least half an hour or more playing this game because it is super addictive once you

If you love playing tank games and want to get into the world of real-life military combat then this is the game for you. The new military inspired FPS called Pegi tank is going to blow your mind with its graphics, gameplay, and realism. In addition to that, its online multiplayer mode makes it one of the most exciting games on Android right now. In this post we are going to give you a detailed overview of everything you need to know about Pegi Tank: What Is It, How To Play It and What Are The Pros And Cons Of Playing This


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