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The world’s first ever online-multiplayer 3D platformer has returned. Destroy the enemy Generals and rescue the hostages to take back the world from evil. Army of Light is a beautiful, action-packed multiplayer game with RPG elements where you can become a powerful general and fight for good or evil. Become a hero, save the world or join one of 5 different factions in this unique online game. destroy, io, ioplay, html5, multiplayer, destroy The original and still one of the most popular co-operative multiplayer games of all time! Destroy the alien Generals to stop them from attacking Earth. Save the civilians and fight as an elite General in one of three different are free to choose your faction at any given time but it will affect your gameplay experience in different ways. Are you ready to become a

Destroy the enemy with each of your soldiers. Use them wisely and think twice before attacking a base! Destroy all the enemies and click on their corpses to gain points. The more enemies you destroy, the more points you earn. Destroying enemy soldiers gives you energy, which can be used to improve your soldiers’ abilities or to buy new weapons and equipment. For example, upgrading your tanks’ cannon reduces its reload time and increases its range; this makes it useful at taking out swarms of enemies. Destroying enemy Nests will give you eggs, which can be used to make a variety of upgrades for your troops: armour that protects your soldier from harm, weapons that deal more damage or have a longer range or time- prolonged ammunition that does not use up ammunition as quickly. This game is simple yet very

The name might not be as famous as the game, but the work that’s gone into it is nothing short of legendary. If you know your video games at all, you probably at least somewhat appreciate the creative ways developers have come up with new and exciting ways to play them. In the early days of computer gaming, companies like Infocom set out to produce unique interactive narratives in a variety of genres: story games, role-playing games (or "shovelware," in the vernacular), and text adventures. Even today there are a few AAA titles that only exist because they were created by an independent developer with no affiliation to a bigger


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