Gun Night (.io)

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It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time for fresh starts. You can finally put the old behind you and make a fresh start in 2019. That’s… if you live in Dubai. If not, well, it doesn’t look like your New Year is off to the best of starts. The UAE has been hit hard by droughts, flooding and other natural disasters this year and many residents have been forced to leave their homes. In some areas, there have even been suicide bombings in support of refugees fleeing war-torn areas. Even so, many people are staying put because they don’t want to leave or they can’t afford to run away again. They say that where there is hope, there will always be a place for you—even if that place is ten thousand feet above sea

Skulk in the dark, and you’ll soon find a trail of bodies. In this world, bullets don’t kill people; they mark them for death. The only way to survive the night is to hunt your prey. Choose from an arsenal of weapons that define your playstyle: from the simple shot gun to the devastating Hellriegel there is an option for every skill set and murderous

Pit your combat skills against other players in a battle to the death! You are a nameless soldier in a world torn apart by violence and corruption. You fight Amazons, Centaurs and even humans in brutal hack-n-slash combat. Pick up weapons and armour, learn new abilities or fight with the best of them all – Battle-Axe,


Using Mouse

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