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Select from one of four survivors as well as build a safe place for humankind in the rural town of Junon.io. Fight against other survivors and also plunder their negotiations to get resources and construct defenses. Construct a ranch to grow to produce, a warehouse to stock products, and also a center to recover damaged survivors. In the far reaches of room, the reclusive race of Arita has been traveling to unknown worlds as well as star systems for centuries. When they lastly experienced human life, they had no idea of what to do. As they observed our races, they became amazed with the idea of inter-species partnerships. They started growing and breeding humans, wishing among them would prove to be a deserving partner in their trips. It is stated that their creations have the ability to adapt to any kind of scenario. Breaking devoid of their restrictions as well as trying out, they have been attempting to perfect the Arita race since. Their experiments have actually left the Arita race with a variety of innate flaws. As an outcome, their appearances differ substantially, each with its very own advantages and disadvantages. The majority are available as playable personalities in this video game. You’& rsquo; re entraped on an arid planetoid with your other stranded homesteaders. You’& rsquo; ll requirement to construct a base, gather sources, as well as eradicate the attackers to survive. And the only method to do that is to play “& ldquo; Junon.io & rdquo;, a game of enduring countless attacks, constructing strongholds, as well as coordinating with your other. Select from one of 4 survivors as well as develop a secure haven for mankind in the country town of Junon.io. Together, you will certainly deal with against harmful killers, develop settlements as well as explore this hostile environment. Fight against other survivors and rob their negotiations to obtain resources and also construct defenses. Build a ranch to grow to produce, a storage facility to accumulate products, and a clinic to recover injured survivors.


WASD - to move

Number keys - change equip

Space bar/mouse click - use current equip

C - craft

I - inventory

R - rotate

E - interact

M - map

P - colony

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