Multi Cave

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The Cave is a Multiplayer online game with physics and ball physics. You have to help the ball get as far as you can by shooting it in the right direction using your own cannon or by catching

The ultimate physics-based ball sports game where you take on the role of a caveman who must guide a batshit insane soccer ball from point A to point B without being eaten by a subway train. It's BALL! But not just any BALL. This BALL is FEROCIOUS! It will turn your caveman into a SUPER CHARACTER that can smash enemies with incredible power and control air currents with his mind! Utilize more than 20 different skill trees, upgrade your equipment and hire other cavemen to join your team. Get ready to "balls to the wall", "balls to the face" and "balls all the way

This game is a physics based multiplayer game, where the players control balls and have to collide with each other using only their mind. The ball can be moved left or right with the arrow keys or up or down using the space bar. The A and D keys controls the speed of the ball. You can also use your mind to control the ball by imagining where it needs to go. In this way you can avoid collisions with other players or obstacles such as walls and chairs.A Mind Caper is an exciting and challenging game for all


Using Mouse

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