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PillowBattle.io is the video game to conserve your still. A bunch of psychos is locked in a room and attempt to annihilate each other with a white pillow. PillowBattle.io will certainly make you make fun of the fools going after in the room. Players will certainly be immersed in both functions as pursuers as well as fugitives. This multiplayer game will certainly make you thrilled by the new method of having fun. Your objective is to become the only individual in the area by eliminating all various other players. You can only attack when you have actually accumulated the white cushion. Observe the space quickly to discover the setting of the white cushion bordered by a ring of light, come pick it up, as well as hit the challenger to throw. Simply like that, you will certainly knock away all other gamers. Conversely, when you let the cushion get involved in somebody else's hand, you have to rapidly run away as well as evade the cushion throw. Try to move rapidly to get the cushion, and have the chance to defeat other gamers. Accurately focus on opponents to throw cushions so as not to throw away effort clambering. .


Use Mouse 


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