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You are the commander of a small squad in the service of the king. Your task: infiltrate enemy territory, gather new soldiers and expand your forces. The game is played on a map with various levels of difficulty, so you can play with friends or against computer-controlled players. You can also play alone in this free multiplayer game for webgl. Fight as a soldier, a Viking, as an elf or as a medieval knight in single player mode or team up with your friends in real life to fight wars online. The weapons, armor and combat skills vary from one war to another, but the goal always remains the same: take over territories and defeat your enemies. Make use of all available technologies to dominate your

Welcome to the world of Popular Wars, a new game from the makers of Bejeweled. In this fast-paced online multiplayer game, up to four players fight it out in a variety of unique battles. You can either take part in PvE (Player versus Environment) or PvP (Player versus Player) matches. Each has their own set of unique rules and objectives, making them all the more enjoyable. This blog post will focus on what you need to know about Popular Wars and how you can get involved. If you’re looking for more in-depth guides on everything from Strategy to Cheats and Secrets, then check out the rest of our blog posts available

No matter what your play style, everyone loves a good multiplayer game. Whether you’re the competitive type or the team player, playing against friends is always a fun experience. But what happens when those competitive urges get mixed up with the more couch-friendly side of gaming? When COH comes to Multiplayer, you’ll find the answer to that question in the form of popular real-time strategy games—and COH is no exception. With its focus on community-driven gameplay and its emphasis on maps, COH makes for an excellent multiplayer WAR game. Let’s take a look at some of its best


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