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Suika Game or Watermelon game: You drop the fruits into the box. If they are the same, they will merge into a larger fruit when they touch each other…

About Suika Game

Suika Game, also known as the Watermelon Game. This digital adventure is like a captivating story created by talented folks at Aladdin X. It's a Japanese puzzle video game that blends falling and merging puzzle games to create an addictive experience.

How to play the Suika Game?


Suika Game's gameplay is simple yet completely addictive. In this game, you have to carefully drop and stack various fruits into a box, one by one. The fun part is how these fruits move - they roll and sway with each addition, creating a delightful dance.


When two identical fruits meet, they magically merge into a bigger fruit right where they touch. This sets off a chain reaction of merging, like a fruit symphony. The biggest fruit of them all is the Watermelon. It not only gives you the most points but also takes up a good chunk of the box.

There's no rush in this game; no ticking clock. But you do need a bit of strategy to score high. If the fruits spill out of the box, your game is over. So, it's all about smart stacking.

Tips to successful in Suika Game

To really succeed in Suika Game, you need more than luck. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Study the Levels: Take a good look at each level. Pay attention to the details and figure out where the fruits can merge for big points.
  • Get Creative: Don't be afraid to try out new and creative strategies. Suika Game loves original thinking.
  • Learn from Mistakes: It's okay to make mistakes. In fact, they're part of the learning process. Don't get discouraged if you don't do well at first.
  • Play with Friends: The Suika Game is even more fun when you share it with friends. Work together, share your tricks, and enjoy the game together.

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