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In this tutorial we’re going to upgrade our old pixel game with WebGL. Upgrading your game with webgl is a great way to make sure that you have the latest and greatest tech in your game. But how do you know if the new version of your game needs updating? Check out this article to see how upgrading your mobile game can help you leverage the power of webGL in an even less-appealing

The basic idea of the game is to try and swing a wooden bat as far as you can, while avoiding the pineapples. Sounds easy, right? Well, kind of. takes aim at becoming the next made-for-Web-graphics classic by imitating every arcade classic you have ever played – from Smash Hit to Modern Combat 3 - and bringing them all together in one game

You are a pixel shooter that must toil in the trenches of a giant corporation. Your job is to slingshot into battle units of ogres, demons, and mutants as fast as you can. But most of all, you have to keep your cool and try not to shoot the customers in the


Using Mouse

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