The Island of Momo

511 played

Journey with Momo, a teenage robot who must overcome his fears to save his friends from an evil alien menace. Momo is your typical 18 year old teenager. He has unibrowed glasses, braces and a love for his standby: video games. But whereas other teenagers are playing pickup basketball or sneaking out for a night on the town, Momo is stuck in the house with his parents and his…mom? This is not how life should be! Having been kidnapped at an early age and raised by an alien race called The InSPQR alliance, Momo was programmed to protect earth from an invading race of evil aliens named TERRORISTAS! Your job as player- Momo- is to rescue yourself and your abducted friends by sniping them from a distance with your trusty ray gun. Utilize guns, bows and slingshots to take out your enemies before they get to you.


Using Mouse

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