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Introduction Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game, also referred to as Suika Game. Crafted by Aladdin X, this Japanese puzzle video game combines the falling and merging puzzle genres to create an engaging and addictive experience that everyone can enjoy.

How to Play the Watermelon Game


Watermelon Game is elegantly simple, yet it's incredibly captivating. Your mission is to carefully place a variety of fruits, one by one, into a container. What makes it exciting is how these fruits move – they gently roll and sway with each addition in the Suika Game.

A Delicious Array of Fruits

What makes this game special is the variety of fruits, each with its unique colors and characteristics. From small cherries to large watermelons, players will have fun merging these tasty fruits in various ways:

Tips to Success The Watermelon Game

To excel in the Watermelon Game, you'll need more than luck. Here are some helpful tips to guide you:

Study the Levels: Take a good look at each level, paying attention to the details. Try to find the best moments for fruitful combinations that will earn you more points.

Get Creative: Don't be afraid to try out new and inventive strategies. The game rewards original thinking.

Learn from Mistakes: It's okay to make mistakes – they're part of the learning process. Don't be discouraged if you don't do well at first; use those experiences to get better.

Play with Friends: The Watermelon Game is even more enjoyable when you play with friends. Work together, share your strategies, and have a great time playing together.

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